Our Services

Buchanan Hunts are based in Africa and our “on the ground knowledge” of all the Safari Operators and the areas they hunt out of putting us in the perfect position to assist YOU with the safari YOU are after. We only work with the very best in the industry and either Michelle or Andrew have visited all the areas personally.

We are absolutely dedicated to helping you plan and book your hunting trips from start to finish. Once you have decided which fit and safari would be best for you, we will take care of all your paperwork and logistics from start to finish:

  • Flight/Travel arrangements and suggested airlines
  •  Visa applications and immunization requirements
  • Which rifles will be necessary for your hunt (minimum caliber suggestions/ammunition) OR rifle hire if necessary
  • Information on airline regulations regarding rifles
  • Rifle permits and applications for the country you will be hunting
  • Meet and greet at the airports and assist with flight connections
  • Suggested accommodations and bookings for overnights stays
  • Outlining travel method of getting to and from camp
  • Dip & Pack and the shipping documents
  • Taxidermy suggestions

We will take the guesswork out of your Safari… Remembering that you are getting first-hand information from people that have “been there, done that” and know that we NEVER buy any quota or permits in advance so we are not forced to try and sell one area more than the other – we send our clients to the areas that are best for what THEY ARE AFTER!

So, you know that we, always have your best interests at heart. Whether you hunt with gun or bow; are looking for one of the Big Five/Exotic Species or any of the vast amount of Plains-game found throughout Africa, our close network of Reputable Outfitters, along with ourselves will ensure a successful well-planned trip for you and your companions and all at NO EXTRA cost to you at all!