Any Safari Outfitter can offer you a trophy hunt but our outfitter in Tanzania can offer you a truly remarkable Safari with trophies and memories to last a lifetime.

The Lukwati South Game Reserve is one of the best-preserved and most productive hunting concessions in Western Tanzania. Protected by its remoteness from civilization, Lukwati offers you what hunting in Africa is all about:  it is unspoiled, untamed and unpredictable. 

From the North Eastern shores of Lake Rukwa it climbs eastwards over the escarpment into the vast Miombo woodlands and is renowned for its excellent success-rate on heavy-maned Lions, big Buffalo, Sable, plentiful Leopard and an abundence of plainsgame species including the Defassa Waterbuck, Roan and Southern Reedbuck

The additional area they have is a concession that starts at the top of the Great Rift Valley on the borders of the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation area and forest highlands, then dramatically drops on the Rift valley into the spectacular open plains, dotted with plains game and dominated by the towering “O’ldonyo Lengai” (the legendary Masai “Mountain of God”).

From the magnificent waterfalls and dramatic rift valley escarpments, the volcanoes and thick mountain forests, you can hunt enormous Leopards, Fringe-eared Oryx, Lesser Kudu, Gerenuk, Grant’s Gazelle, Robert’s Gazelle, Thompson’s Gazelles, Buffalo, Chandlers’ Mountain Reedbuck, Bohor Reedbuck, Paterson’s Eland, East African Impala, Kirks Dik Dik, Cokes Hartebeest, Klipspringer and Steinbuck.