Zambia has been our most popular hunting destination this last year and we couldn’t ask for a more professional run outfit.

We are fortunate to have access to nine different hunting concessions, with an abundance of all the species you would expect to find in this beautiful country, so hunting with them gives you the ability to hunt every species of game on licensed quota in the country of Zambia with just one outfitter…

Just some of what they have to offer is in the Lower Lupande Game Management Area,sharing approximately 70 kilometers of boundary with the South Luangwa National Park and the Luangwa River. This is an excellent dangerous game area with excellent populations of Cape Buffalo, Crocodile, Elephant, Hippo, Leopard,Lion and great numbers of plainsgame.

Mwanya Game Management area – This area shares its west boundary with the South Luangwa National park and its east boundary with the Lukusuzi National Park, encompassing approximately 1,500 square kilometers. Mwanya is an excellent dangerous game area with Buffalo and Leopard populations. You will also find a number of plainsgame here including Puku

MuFunta Area: This giant area of approximately 2, 200 square kilometers is located in the far west of Zambia, with its Eastern boundary bordering the Kafue National Park, its Northern boundary being Kasowso Busanga G.M.A. and is without a the very best place for those of you wanting world class Sable, where trophies have been taken measuring up to 48.5 inches

Bangweulu Swamp –The reason for traveling to this area is to hunt the Black Lechwe, Zambezi Sitatunga, Tsessebe, Reedbuck and Oribi.  This is the only place in Africa that the Black Lechwe is totally wild and free ranging. They number in the thousands. Sitatunga numbers are very good here as well. Also present in the Bangweulu Area you will find Tsessebe (many of the top records book heads have been taken in the Bangweulu Area)

Kafue Flats – this is theonly place on the African continent to hunt Kafue Lechwe. It’s a hunting experience you will never forget as you normally see hundreds and hundreds of Kafue Lechwe.